Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Margaret Court, Bigot

by Dick Mac

Australian tennis player, Margaret Court, is an evangelical Christian who admonishes gay people for indulging in abominable sexual practices and considers same-sex marriages as unhealthy, unnatural unions.

So, basically, she is a bigoted wench (and I mean that in the most offensive way you can imagine).

She is also physically ugly. Like comic-book ugly -- like you can't even believe how ugly she is! She is so physically ugly that you can't believe she goes out into public with that face.

Her bigotry is likely rooted in that physical ugliness, as it manifests in her heart as spiritual ugliness.

She is certainly a spiritually ugly person, as all bigots are.

Even attractive people, when they reveal their bigotry, begin to look ugly.

Court's ugliness is extreme. The hate must be painful.

Margaret Court should be marginalized and ignored. Perhaps that should start with me. Goodbye, Margaret Court: you are dead to me!

Laura Robson's gay rights stance reignites equality controversy


Anonymous said...

Liberals: saving the world one poop-smeared dick at a time.

Anonymous said...

What a rude and disrespectful person you are Dick. I'm guessing that you love it so much that's why it's your name?
Good luck continuing the human race with poo on your nob.