Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Vets Heed Occupy Rallying Cry

by Dick Mac

Not all veterans support the Occupy movement, but not all of them oppose it, either.

Although so-called "conservatives" consider themselves patriots and go on and on about how patriotic they are and how much liberals hate America, that is hardly the truth.

Our military veterans have been being squeezed by the government for three decades and five presidents. Anything that remotely appears to be social welfare (education, health care, housing, etc.) has been under attack for an entire generation. In fact, people under 40 most likely do not remember a time when the United States was a scientifically, medically, educationally, militarily progressive nation. We have spent every years trying to revert back to some mysterious time when things are alleged to have been better.

Back to the vets. We have been gutting their benefits for years, while increasing tax breaks and welfare payments to millionaires and corporations.

If you bother with slogans, then pretty much all veterans belong to the "99%."

Now some veterans are taking a public stand with the Occupy movement.

Vets Heed Occupy Rallying Cry

Dead Enz
Kyle G. Brixton

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