Monday, September 26, 2011

To Protect And Serve

by Dick Mac

I wanted to write about Red Bull New York today, and every time I started writing all I could remember is the videos of the recent police riot in Union Square.

American citizens, taxpayers, were involved in a peaceful protest, a completely peaceful protest, and the New York City police attacked them.

The brutality is remarkable.

Citizens who were engaged in the protest, breaking no laws, were set upon by uniformed officers who beat-up, abused, and maced them. The tactics were despicable.

The city was in no danger from these protesters, the citizenry was in no danger from these protesters, property was in no danger from these protesters, the police were in no danger from these protesters, commerce continued throughout the peaceful protest, there is only one reason for the police to have attacked the protesters: terror; to terrorize those who would dare to publicly question the state of our nation.

Who does the New York Police Department protect and serve?

I am embarrassed to be a New Yorker when people view this footage.

In this slow-motion version, you can see one of the white-shirt commanding officers mace the trapped girls (1:23). After his spineless deed, all the white shirts quickly walk away from the scene like cowards (1:32) with the perp putting the mace back in his holster, leaving the young women on the ground screaming for help:

This one is annotated:

In the next video, the camera person gets a bit irritating as she becomes very emotional and angry, which detracts from the point she is trying to make with her footage. In reality, though, anyone would be upset and emotional about the incident:

It's interesting that the only union the right-wing isn't busting is the police union. Every police union is remaining intact and the police are expected to do the bidding of a minority of people who control most of the wealth: they are expected to beat, terrorize and arrest fellow citizens engaged in Constitutional activity.

Each policeman makes that choice when he leaves for work in the morning.

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