Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The GOP Solution To Health Care Costs: Let Him Die!

by Dick Mac

"These are the same people who, two thousand years ago, cheered as the lions ate the Christians," Alan Grayson.

He goes on to say that the people who proclaim they are pro-life (that is, Republicans) are really pro-death.

Last week they cheered when it was announced that Texas Governor Rick Perry has signed the death warrants of more than two score of convicted criminals.

They cheered.

Republicans cheered at the idea that by killing a killer we somehow are not killers. Republicans fail to see that killing a criminal is sinking to his level, to become him.

It gets worse.

This week, collected Republicans cheered at the notion that Americans without health care should be let to die.

Just leave them to die, like a wounded human in the gutter, on the road to Jerusalem.

The only hope that the uninsured have in our brave new America, is that a Samaritan, a person so reviled by the majority that he lives in poverty and anguish, will stop, pick-up the wounded man in the road, and restore him to health.

Liberals are today's Samaritans: both paying taxes to save society and working to restore economic justice to America. Republicans are the Romans, exploiting all around them and laughing at the results.

Alan Grayson discussed the most recent Republican display of inhumanity with Keith Olermann:

Launch video in new window/tab: Alan Grayson condemns Tea Party for "sadistic" response to uninsured Americans

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