Monday, September 19, 2011

Cheering Death

by Dick Mac

When President Obama put forward a somewhat sensible health care policy, the Tea Party spent tens of millions of dollars whipping-up fear and hatred among their following.

Although the Tea Party has no alternative suggestions about how to fix America's disastrous health care system, they are opposed to anything President Obama puts forward, even if it will help them.

Now that the election season has started for the Republicans, the candidates have been "debating" on television.

One of these "debates" was sponsored by the Tea Party.

Health care was a topic.

A scenario was put forward about a man who died of a curable illness. He died because he had no health insurance.

The Tea Party cheered. They cheered the paradigm that if you cannot afford health insurance, then you should die of your illness.

None of the candidates spoke-up. None of them suggested that perhaps we shouldn't let the uninsured die, and die miserable deaths, because they have lost their health insurance.

Susan Grigsby has recorded a video about the story of her brother, a man who worked all of his life, until he was discarded by his company at age 55, never found another job, and died without receiving available treatment for his illness. At 55 he wasn't ever going to find another job, he had no insurance, and he was ineligible for current federal programs.

So, he died.

And the Tea Party cheers his death.

MoveOn.Org Takes On Cheer For Death Of Uninsured With Hard-Hitting Campaign (VIDEO)

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