Monday, August 15, 2011

There Is Only One Kind Of Person Opposed To Gay Marriage: A Bigot

by Dick Mac

Bigot-of-the-Day, Rose Marie Belforti, is the Town Clerk of Ledyard, NY, in Cayuga County. Here she is seen inappropriately groping a defenseless animal that is unable to give its consent to her touching. There are other pictures of her beastly practices all over the web. It's odd a woman who loves to touch animals that pay no taxes would deny a marriage certificate to taxpayers who fund her salary. Odd priorities: grope animals who pay nothing, abuse taxpayers who fund your job!

Belforti refuses to execute marriage licenses because her bigotry is rooted in religious belief and she is convinced that this means she does not have to enforce the laws of New York State.

What next? A Jewish health inspector shuts-down a restaurant because they are serving shrimp cocktail? A Muslim school board member closes-down a school because they are not keeping a fast during the holy month of Ramadan? No! Of course not; that would be ridiculous. In reality, those two incidents would be no more ridiculous than Belforti's actions.

Belforti does not have to "believe" in marriage, she only has to execute marriage licenses as outlined by the laws of the State of New York.

She is most certainly welcome to hate people, she is expected to put that hatred aside when she has a job to do; or, she should resign.

If Belforti is unable to do her job, perhaps she should step down.

Thanks to Joe.My.God for the tip: NEW YORK: Another Town Clerk Refuses To Sign Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

News story: Ledyard clerk won't sign gay marriage licenses

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