Tuesday, August 09, 2011

It's Not Bad Economic Policy, It's The Thugs

by Dick Mac

I publish three statements below (two anonymous postings from Facebook, and a clip from Time magazine online) that make me realize we mostly see no connection between economic disenfranchisement and tinderbox uprisings.

At least in the Time article, there is mention that perhaps, just perhaps, there is a trail from bad economic policy to the London riots. That is quickly dismissed, however, because riots then happened in middle-class neighborhoods. Everyone knows things are hunky-dory for the middle class, and they have no need to riot.

For the past few years I have heard people say that things were going to end badly in Western nations with bad economic policies. Now that disenfranchised people have started rioting and other angry people have jumped onboard, there's no talk about us sacrificing our civilization for profits, it's all about the thugs who are taking advantage of a bad situation:

I do not agree that this uprising is solely connected to a single shooting and the opportunism of some yobs and thugs. We have destroyed civilization with economic policy that insists we push all the wealth to the top and watch it trickle-down to the hard-workers at the bottom. It has failed at every level and at every turn. It was always a fraud, and after thirty years of it, I think we are seeing only the beginning of the unrest.

I recommend this posting by Penny Red: Panic on the streets of London

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