Thursday, July 07, 2011

Nancy Disgrace

by Dick Mac

Whether or not that woman killed her child, can we all at least agree that Nancy Grace and the urine-journalism she promotes on Headline News are despicable and dangerous?

I have only seen her a few times, but I find her to be a degenerate who has lowered the notion of journalism so far down into the gutter that Oprah Winfrey and Jerry Springer seem sophisticated in comparison.

I was shocked to learn that she didn't work for Fox! She makes Fox News seem fair and balanced.

I have an idea: everyone turn-off HLN. In fact, block it on your box, call your television provider, and tell them you have blocked it.

The trial-by-media paradigm has always been offensive, and this latest fiasco has been most appalling. I hope nobody I know ever has their life take a turn that includes the presence of Nancy Grace. She is despicable, she profiteers from the most miserable incidents and conditions of humanity.

Most people in the kind of crisis this family experienced need love and support, not some millionaire wench passing televised judgment on them.

And she is not an investigator or lawyer, she is a sensational-izer! She belittles the most important events of people's lives and deaths by turning them into fodder for her shitty little television show, her personal profit center.


Maybe we can get Nancy Grace into the unemployment line, where she will do the maximum service for America: live her life on the dole!

Let's just please get her off the air.


Adam said...

Although I'm no fan of Nancy Grace, the media covering 'popular crime' trials and the attendant other 'true crime' shows are by and large positive. Although I'm not versed in the Anthony case, it has raised questions about justice and injustice that need to be asked by people (that probably would not otherwise be asked). These include - what was the difference between what the jury saw and heard in the courtroom and what people at home saw and heard on tv, was there evidence not allowed in the courtroom that was allowed in the media (and should evidence rules be changed to allow more evidence in the courtroom), did the prosecutors get off track from proving their case (and if I live in that county, do I vote those prosecutors in again), did the police botch the job and is there a best practice that they are not following, did the judge not handle the trial correctly. Lastly, if the accused were not an attractive white woman, would the outcome have been the same. Clearly, Nancy Grace is interested in making good tv and not raising these questions, but the media attention does allow people to ask the things. - Adam

Al Falafal said...

But Dick, how do you REALLY feel about Nancy Grace? Ha! I feel the exact same way. I've never been inclined to watch her show and can't imagine ever wanting to. It's bad enough to be subjected to the ubiquitous media bombardment of such sensationalism passing as "news" that has nothing to do with most of our pathetic lives and only provides an unwelcome diversion from the real shit we should be outraged over - and maybe try to do something about! The fact that anyone would think this kind of crass voyeurism is "good TV" just shows how pathetic our lives are in the 21st Century.

Tinkerjenn said...


I am so glad someone out there agrees she's as evil as I think she is.

She's made literally MILLIONS on the Casey Anthony trial alone, yet she vilifies anyone else for doing exactly the same thing.

I hope Casey sues the absolute shit out of her.

Anonymous said...

You have to remember that Nancy Grace was, at one time, a prosecutor. I don't know if she is still licensed to practice law but do know that she came very close to losing her license a couple of times.

Now the fact of the matter is that prosecutors are Attorneys that could not make it in the private sector for the most part.

This particular peroxided blonde with the most disgusting approach to "News", is a dangerous person for a couple of reasons. First, people believe her line of BS and Second she lies more than Casey Anthony does.

Now we have that Jane Velez-Mitchell person trying to be a clone and heaven help us because one Nancy Grace is more than any society needs.