Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What Is It About Black People You Don't Like?

by Dick Mac

It's hard to say anything about this.

I mean . . . watch the video. Either this guy is amazingly stupid or borderline sociopathic.

I know that we all harbor prejudice and we fail to keep it private, to some degree, now and then. Yet, in polite company (that is, among other human beings), even I manage to maintain some filter that prevents me from alienating absolutely everyone at the table.

But, to have absolutely no filter in front of a television camera is astounding to me.

The possibly silver lining in this story is that in the Comments section for this video at YouTube, a contestant insists that this guy had a change of heart during the show.

Well . . . OK!

Still . . . there really are people out there who feel this way, and they are getting bolder and bolder about spreading their hate (which they call freedom of speech). These days they've got it all couched in finances and economics, but it's just plain old racism.

Like this guy!

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Gerry Cassidy said...

Absolutely breath-taking. I can't believe this. But I am so glad the rest of the panel took him on and made him attempt to justify his comments.