Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rare Photos of Famous People

by Dick Mac

I don't know if Crack Two is the site that originally published this collection of photographs, but I have always enjoyed it.

Of particular interest to me are the photos of Cher, Sony Bono & Bob Dylan, Brigitte Bardot (well, all photos pf Bardot are interesting to me), a young Clint Eastwood looking like an old David Bowie, Andy Warhol and John Lennon groping each other, John Waters autographing the bottom of a stripper, Angelina Jolie as a baby (that is not collagen), Liza and Judy (a religious icon?), Bob Marley and crew with the Jackson 5 (sitting in a tree? really? whose idea was this?), Audrey Hepburn feeding a split of champagne to a fawn, Che Guevara (shirtless and looking more like Che portraying Benicio del Toro than the opposite, which happened in a movie), Marilyn and JFK, a hirsute Mick Jagger, and a shirtless Bruce Lee.


Rare Photos of Famous People

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