Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Favorite Spoof Of My Favorite Welfare Queen

by Dick Mac

As bad a human being, and I mean "bad" in a moral context, as he is, I can't stop thinking about Donald Trump.

Yesterday, this was posted on Facebook and I watched it twice.

In a row.

I was having trouble figuring-out if there were any lines the dummy was using that Donald Trump might not use. Perhaps he wouldn't make as many racist remarks as the dummy; but, he would certainly make inappropriate remarks about people of color.

This dummy's fiscal planning is as sound as Trump's, so there is a correlation there. Actually, this dummy isn't planning on declaring bankruptcy. Or is he.


That's what Donald Trump does best.

He builds a company until it has a cash flow, he sucks it dry of its profits, runs it into debt and ruin, then declares bankruptcy, keeps all the money and real estate, and the working stiffs of America pay his bills.

This guy is considered a successful businessman? Sounds like a criminal!

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