Friday, March 11, 2011

Lance Loud: The Mumps, Crocodile Tears

by Dick Mac

This is the last post of Lance Loud week at Dick Mac (alive!).

Lance Loud was an unexpected star, he jumped at his chance for fame, became a darling of New York City's fashion/glamor/music glitterati, and formed The Mumps with his friend Kristian Hoffman.

Like may gay men of my generation, he contracted HIV and died young.

Here, Lance and The Mumps appear in 1990 at Club Lingerie, in Hollywood, and he sings my favorite of all their songs, "Crocodile Tears."

Lance never had a great voice, but at this point in his life, one might actually call it a bad voice.

The original is still a great song and I recommend downloading it:

Lance Loud, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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