Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Lance Loud: Loud - Music Video

by Dick Mac

I've been thinking about Lance Loud a lot lately, so this is Lance Loud week at Dick Mac (alive!).

With the massive success of An American Family, Lance was the first openly gay television star of all time. Not just a gay character, but an actual post-Stonewall gay man, who'd made it into ten million American homes.

He was outrageous and wonderful. Lance landed in New York City, where he pursued and was eagerly welcomed by Andy Warhol's crowd. He was an avid fan of the Velvet Underground (of course he was), and became a fixture in the burgeoning punk-rock scene.

Lance and three of his siblings formed Loud, with Jay Dee Dougherty (who went on to join The Patti Smith Group) and others.

Lance went on to work with Rob Duprey (who went on to join Iggy Pop) and formed formed The Mumps. But . . . that is for a later post.

Here are Lance, some siblings, and some rock musicians, bringing some punk to Santa Barbara television:

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