Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm Not Sure That This Was News

by Dick Mac

Everyone knows that Fox News lies, fabricates stories, and distorts reports. Even friends and colleagues who watch Fox News say they know Fox News lies about current events, but they find it totally entertaining and will not stop watching.

These people I know are smart people, so I accept that they consume the Fox News products as entertainment, and then get actual information elsewhere.

Sadly, there are not-so-smart people who watch Fox News and they don't know that most of what they are watching is Orwellian at best (they wouldn't actually even know what that means), and outright dishonest at worst. Even scarier are the people who do know better but are so emotionally invested in America's movement of hate and selfishness, that they have actually begun to believe the lies.

It has been reported by Fox News that their reporters and other journalists in Libya were used as human shields by the Gaddahfi government, to prevent the allies from bombing certain strongholds.

This was totally believable, and I had no reason to disbelieve the story. I think other regimes have done this to foreigners in the past and it will likely happen again in the future. Fox News reporting this falls into the category of "a stopped clock is correct twice a day."

Then CNN aired the report Nic Robertson: Not A Human Shield, in which Robertson states clearly that this story was not true.

So, although it is not news that Fox News lies, it is interesting that an actual journalist has said so, aloud.

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