Monday, February 07, 2011

Packers 31 - 25 Steelers

by Dick Mac

I "watched" the Super Bowl last night. Oddly, I missed most of the ads; not because I wasn't interested in them, quite the contrary. I am a big fan of advertising and only lost my taste for television advertising in the 1990s when the amount of commercial interruptions doubled from an average of 9 minutes per hour to today's average of 18 minutes per hour.

To a fan of the creative process and marketing campaigns, like me, this might have been a good thing. Sadly, instead of doubling the number of ads produced each year, we simply see the same ads twice as much - over and over again.

Historically, the Super Bowl is where large companies launch their new campaigns, and that has been a reason many tune-in. Especially because it is rare that the game is any good.

Last night was an exception. The game was actually rather engaging and worth watching. Maybe that's why I didn't plug-in to the commercials very much.

My favorite ad was the Pepsi Max ad of a couple in various situations. He wants to eat only things that are bad for him, and she's always catching him and he changes to the healthy alternative.

He is on a park bench sneaking a Pepsi Max, she approaches, he flinches, she assures him that Pepsi Max is OK, he relaxes. An attractive jogger sits on the next bench, waves and smiles. He enthusiastically smiles back, the girlfriend throws the can of Pepsi Max at his head, he ducks and the pretty girl on the next bench gets knocked-out.

What was your favorite ad?

Congratulations Packers!


Mangold said...

I'd have to give this one a thumbs down.. If the ad had a man treating his female partner the exact same way... well that couldn't happen on TV: we would all be disgusted and outraged ( rightfully so ) at such abuse.

But when a woman does it to a man, it's cute !

Adam said...

I liked 2 of the 3 Doritos ads - the one with the guy sucking the other fellow's fingers and the one where the doritos re-vivify a dead grandfather (I had to explain that to my older son after my younger one had left the room).

Dick Mac - I think you would approve of the turnout of this game. A team that is essentially a non-profit won.