Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ricky Gervais Hosts The 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards

by Dick Mac

Ricky Gervais hosted the Golden Globes this year.

I generally don't watch awards shows, but Mrs. Mac does, and on occasion I join her. When I heard the Gervais was going to host (again), I decided to watch at least his monologue.

He did not disappoint.

Nobody was sacred, and he garnered more laughs per minute than any other awards show host in my memory.

Here are some excerpts:

In their need to create "news" the conservative media have been giving credence to dullards who were offended by Gervais' performance. What these people seem to forget is that it was a "performance"! This was television, not reality. It was entertainment, like everything else on television! Unlike the rest of the stuff on television, however, this was really funny and really entertaining!

[Gervais] said Monday that he chose to introduce the stars "I had the best jokes for. (And who I knew had a good sense of humor.) Everyone took it well and the atmosphere backstage and at the after-show was great."

The smart, engaging, dynamic stars and executives were entertained; the dull, dim, conservative (sorry if I'm being redundant) were offended.

"His job is called host," [Howard] Bragman said. "A host is there to make you feel comfortable. A host is there to make guests really have the great moments. And in past Golden Globes, we've seen a lot of really crazy moments from the guests because there's alcohol. There's a lot of fun there. We didn't see that this year. We're talking about the host. And I think we should be talking about nominees and the winners instead."

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Steven Pofcher said...

Ricky Gervais was awesome. He left no stone unturned. And after all the hoopla he is unrepentant. I love it.