Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Little Girl, A Lot Of Grace, And A Big-Hearted Crowd

by Dick Mac

Sometimes humanity can be amazing, and sometimes we can learn the greatest lessons of grace and composure from the least likely source.

Eight-year-old Elizabeth Hughes was invited to sing The Star Spangled Banner at the Norfolk Admirals [hockey] game, last Friday night.

Standing demurely at a corner of the ice, her deceptively large and beautiful voice sang the strains of one the most difficult songs a singer can attempt.

She gets to "bombs bursting in air, gave proof. . . . "

Her microphone shuts down.

Any eight-year-old would crumble, and a crowd of more boorish sports fans would have become impatient and (let's face it) unkind.

Watch what happens:

It's OK to get misty-eyed.

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