Thursday, December 02, 2010

If we're going to fuck the hungruy, at least we could pay them for it!

by Dick Mac

Republicans block child nutrition bill.

We have squandered our National Treasury on two worthless wars: one an unwinnable war against a concept, an invisible enemy called terror; and the other against a leader who didn't have any weapons of mass destruction but whose country has quite a bit of oil.

Then we gave the modest surplus in our Treasury back to the people who most benefit from expensive wars. Now, we are without funds to maintain civilization; but, the wealthiest among us are enjoying tax breaks between $80,000 and $1,600,000.

We have been told repeatedly that by giving this money back to the wealthiest among us, they will use that money to invest in new business and stimulate the economy so as to benefit even those even at bottom of the economic food chain.

We have been doing this for thirty years and not one single job has been created by this notion; in fact, the people who most benefit from those tax breaks are moving most of the jobs they control off-shore to other nations, leaving Americans even less-employed.

So we are fighting a war against a concept like "terror" (a war that cannot be won any more than we can win a war against inanimate objects like "drugs"). Then instead of improving our own military, the government is spending a ludicrous amount of money hiring "consultants." These "consultants" are what we used to call mercenaries. They are expensive. We are fighting an unwinnable war against an invisible enemy and paying the highest possible dollar amount for it.

We are spending something like ten billion dollars a month on these wars. The rich are paying less for civilization than they ever have in the history of civilization. The nation's infrastructure and government are crumbling. The gap between the rich and the poor widens on a daily basis. We are unable to educate our children and we blame the teachers for it. We are unable to care for the sick and we blame the hospitals as they are closing. And we are letting the hungry go without food.

Is this America? Is this the America that became the greatest nation in the world, in the history of humanity?

No, this is Reagan's America. An America that is a regional power at best that can't win a war with the world's most expensive military, is held in disdain by its closest allies, is watching its housing market crumble, its citizens sink into unpayable debt, its children without a decent education, its population without any hope of surviving a major illness, and the wealthiest 2% earning more than anyone could ever have imagined refusing to help fund the civilization from which they have so greatly profited.

I hear so-call "conservatives" talk about restoring America. To what? I thought this is what "conservatives" wanted. A small, ineffective government with a bloated military, and dwindling social services. A nation that can't even feed its hungriest children.

This is what you wanted, and this is what we've got.

So, all you working people who vote Republican: keep it up, soon you'll be hungry, too. Soon, you won't even be able to afford teabags!

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