Thursday, November 18, 2010

Who's Appropriate For The Appropriations Committee?

by Dick Mac

The House Appropriations Committee is the place where the money is divided up for the different government programs that require funding. Historically, it has been considered a plum position, and appointment was reserved for those who played ball.

In the just-concluded midterm elections, newly-elected Republicans ran their campaign on the promise to cut spending. Nothing is sacred to these determined teabaggers. Their going to take a bite out of the balls of the budget, no matter how much it hurts the bull.

The House leaders of this aggressive movement to get the budget under control, and some of their so-called "conservative" counterparts are people like Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), Steve King (R-Iowa), Lynn Westmoreland (R-Ga.) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio). These are people who have promised to "reign in spending"! We'll call them a gang of four.

I have never seen a Republican reign in spending. In fact, Republicans tend to eliminate taxes and increase spending, creating the largest possible deficits. It's really simple math, it's not rocket-science; but then, the education system has failed white America and they don't know how to count, talk, read, think, vote, or behave.

So, this teabagging Gang of Four seems like the best group of people to put on the Appropriations Committee. They have the most to say about spending, so let's get them in a position of power where they can do something about it. You know, a sort of "put your money where your mouth is" scenario.

Surprisingly, although this Gang of Four wants desperately, and has promised vociferously to cut spending, they have all refused the invitation to become a member of the Appropriations Committee!

Do you wonder why?

Well, because they don't want to be the ones to cut anything, because if they cut your state appropriations, and not their own state appropriations, they will be seen as the self-serving bastards they really are. You see, elected teabaggers don't plan to make any cuts that might make them look bad, or might affect the teabaggers who elected them. They want plenty of bridges to nowhere in their state, they just don't want them in your state.

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So, instead of having "tax and spend liberals" running Appropriations, we will likely have "don't tax, but still spend" Republicans in those seats, which will lead to even bigger deficits. But since that's what Republicans do best, I think teabaggers are getting exactly what they voted for!

Good job, teabaggers! It's all making sense now, right?!?!? These people you think share your values, only share your values as long as they are getting your tax dollars (and plenty of them) to spend on their pet projects, to benefit people other than YOU! They aren't going to do anything to change Washington, because Washington isn't broken: it's just not collecting enough taxes to run our once-great nation!

Appropriations panel loses its luster

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