Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Power Of Money

by Dick Mac

I earn a twice-monthly paycheck and with the money from that paycheck I support my family. When things at the office get gruesome, which they often do, I remember the money. I remember that I am employed when so many aren't, and that I am doing the kind of work I am good at. I am very lucky, and I work hard.

When I get a bonus, or even a little bit of praise, from my employer, I tend to work even harder. Rewards go both ways: give me a little extra of something good and you'll likely get a lot of something good in return.

I don't think I am alone. As Elvis once sang: "Money talks, and it's persuasive."

This phenomenon of working harder when getting more, is generally a private matter. It's rare to discuss it with colleagues, or friends, or even family. I can't imagine a group of us sitting around the table discussing the details of our employment, bonus structure, productivity, and professional relations. It's just not a very interesting topic, when there is so little time to socialize anyhow. That isn't to say we never discuss it, just that it is not high on the list of social banter for most people. We would rather talk about . . . Oh, I don't know . . . Football?

And speaking of football, a quarterback received a new contract contract yesterday. For five years of work (some or most of it he will likely never play), he will receive a minimum of forty million dollars ($40,000,000), with the potential to earn up to seventy-eight million dollars ($78,000,000).

Wow! With fifty years of work and some smart investments, I would never earn anywhere near that money.

If I got that kind of money from my employer, my next project would go even better than my current project (which is going very well, thank you very much); and I would be much less cranky about the extra hours required to get things done in a ridiculously aggressive schedule.

This quarterback's next project coincidentally began a few hours after his contract extension, and generous pay and bonus structure were implemented. His first project required performing for sixty minutes in a game against conference rivals. The outcome? He was beaten 59-28.

That's actually not a beating, that is a shellacking.

Perhaps he worked really hard during his first project under the new contract; but, his project was a failure. Too bad you don't get points in your fantasy league for mid-season contract extensions!

I sure wish I worked for the Washington Redskins!

There's no need to be evasive . . .

Dear Employer:

If you will give me a cash bonus that is 1% of Donovan McNabb's new contract, I promise to perform better than him during my next project.

Kind regards,
Dick Mac

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