Monday, November 22, 2010

A Musical Interlude

by Dick Mac

Listening to 45 RPM records was the saving activity of my youth. I would listen to anything, even if it was music I didn't really care for very much. Somehow, bands like The Lettermen, The Four Seasons, and other 1960s singing groups had their records everywhere. I would listen to an insipid falsetto love song followed by a grinding and funky soul song.

I liked The Monkees more than I liked The Beatles; but like everyone else in my neck of the woods, I preferred Motwon and soul. If my 45s were spread across the floor, there would be more Motown (including Tamla and Gordy) and Atlantic labels than any other.

Everyone listened to Supremes songs. Everyone. The Supremes were on television and the radio all the time, even after The Beatles came to town.

Ed Sullivan loved them, Dick Clark loved them, they were on Shindig and Hullabaloo and even Where The Action Is.

Everyone listened to Supremes songs! Here is a remarkably high-quality clip of "Where Did Our Love Go."

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