Wednesday, November 24, 2010


by Dick Mac

In the extended version of Laurie Anderson's song "Sharkey's Night," William S. Burroughs growls: "Let's teach these robots a little gratitude."

I forget at times when I am on an emotional jag or a political rant that I have things pretty damn good. And so do most of the people I know.

Poverty today is much less dangerous than poverty was sixty years ago. We do have certain safety nets still built-in to our society. Teabaggers will remove them, of course, but today they are there. And in the distant past, when I needed those safety nets, they were there.

It's easy to forget that there is so much for which I should be thankful.

Please enjoy the song "I'm So Thankful," by Barbara Lewis. The video is pretty lame, so you don't need to watch it, but listen.

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