Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Empty Rhetoric

by Dick Mac

The Republicans pretend they are going to reduce the budget, when in reality they have never done anything but bloat the budget.

The only time there was anything like a balanced budget and potential surplus was under Bill Clinton, and the Republicans spent and over-spent that the next 8 years and left us with the largest deficit in the history of humanity (for which they are blaming President Obama).

I can't believe that working people keep falling for this shit.

In reality, I know they just voted against the black guy; teabaggers and other working-class Republicans have no idea how the government works, what the Constitution says, or the meaning of decency in a crowded world.

But, in they come! The Republicans will take over the House of Representatives in January, and they've got some great plans for reducing the deficit! Nothing to do with cutting billion-dollar mercenaries from the military budget, of course, they will cut anything that will help those in need, well cut the stuff for the brown people in need. You can be sure that Michelle Bachman, Tom Price, Jim DeMint, and the other heroes of America's downfall will continue to bring plenty of pork home to Minnesota, South Carolina and Georgia! They're not going to cut from their constituents!

One of their first suggestions is to eliminate the $2.5 billion Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program. This will save the country twenty-five billion dollars over the next ten years. Fantastic!

Only one problem: that program already expired!

Republicans claim to be serious about reducing the deficit but yet they roll out a proposal to eliminate a program that no longer exists. What's next -- claiming savings for cutting New Deal work programs that were terminated over 70 years ago?
- Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash).

I think Jim McDermott has the right idea! The GOP will use smoke and mirrors to convince the stupid (that is, any working person who pretends to be conservative by voting Republican) that they are doing good things for the nation when in reality they will do things to benefit a very small number of people at the top of the food chain. As the past thirty years have shown, none of that will trickle-down.

Republican Study Committee Recommends Cutting Welfare Program That Already Expired

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