Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Protecting The One-Party System

by Dick Mac

I know the Democrats like the one-party system they have set-up with the Republicans, and they have convinced otherwise intelligent people into believing that they are really different from the GOP.

To ensure that myth continues, the DNC, RNC, and DLC (the "Demicans") do everything in their power to prevent any other parties from getting airtime during elections. It is nearly impossible for any party besides the Demicans to participate in so-called debates; ensuring that no real issues are discussed in real depth. One might call it a conspiracy, but I won't do that.

I will say that additional parties representing any position along the political spectrum are good for America. I was looking forward to the Tea Party in this election cycle, but they have proven to be just puppets of Fox News, working to replace Democrats with Republcans. They're all very angry, of course, but are too stupid to see that the GOP is just as bad for them as the evil Democrats they seem to fear so much.

The Green Party is a viable and established political party that represents the positions of most of the people I know. Most of the people I know, however, continue to support Democrats who hardly ever, if ever, represent anything we believe.

In California, Laura Wells, the Green Party candidate for governor was a ticketed guest for the gubernatorial debate between monster Meg Whitman, and buffoon Jerry Brown. When she arrived, she was arrested.

Now, that's one way to suppress opposition!

Laura Wells, Green Party candidate for governor, arrested at Whitman-Brown debate

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Brian Middleton said...

Saying Democrats and Republicans are the same because they're not as different as you'd like them to be is like saying that red and blue are the same color because they're not as different as red and green.

I understand frustration with the incompetence of the Democrats at pursuing a progressive agenda, but anyone who says their agenda is identical to the GOP's must have massive memory loss affecting the part of their brain where the years 2001-06 should be. It could be a lot worse--and up till quite recently, it was.