Friday, October 29, 2010

I Just Knew Dick Cheney Had To Be Connected

by Dick Mac

No matter how tenuous the connection (and this connection is better than tenuous), there had to be some way that Dick Cheney was connected to the BP oil disaster in the Gulf Of Mexico.

Not only his overall philosophy that government should let business do anything it wants, and that government regulation and safety concerns are over-blown at best; but, his former employer, Halliburton, did not reveal that the cement mixture being used at the well was flawed.

Halliburton is a horrible company involved is some of America's most unsavory business practices. They operate with impunity and their philosophy matches that of Cheney, who helped make the company such a success.

So, perhaps Dick Cheney wasn't directly involved in this criminal behavior; but his mark is on it. I am certain he approves of Halliburton's work and will stand by them until the end.

Panel Says Firms Knew of Cement Flaws Before Spill

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