Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Footstompin' Time In Good Old Kentucky

by Dick Mac

There was an incident at a Rand Paul rally. The guy in the picture to the left decided that the best way to resolve a conflict was to stomp on the head of a 23-year-old volunteer from MoveOn.

This woman was part of a prank where she was going to hand Rand Paul a fake "Employee Of The Month" certificate from some corporate group. Rand Paul's supporters got wind of it and took action to prevent anything from happening to their candidate.

This is what ensued:

Rand Paul campaign manager, Jesse Benton said:
The Paul campaign has disassociated itself with the individual who took part in this incident, and once again urges all activists — on both sides — to remember that their political passions should never manifest themselves in physical altercations of any kind.

First of all, if Rand Paul is really concerned about this type of incident, perhaps he should be a little less inflammatory in his speeches, and he should TELL teabaggers that this is unacceptable.

Second of all, this is not a problem with ". . . activists -- on both sides . . . ." This is only a problem with right-wingers, teabaggers; there is nobody on the "other" side inciting violence.

Looks like the Tea Party has what it wants, a violent overthrow of not our government, but of all civilization.

If this is what is happening at rallies, what is going to happen at polling places?

I am convinced the police will do nothing to stop the violence.

Paul volunteer ordered to court for scuffle

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