Friday, October 08, 2010

File This Under Stupid

by Dick Mac

There are times that companies change their product or their marketing, even their logo. When those changes are a success, we hear nothing about the change. When they fail, they tend to fail big.

I am thinking about New Coke from the 1980s. Coca-Cola had changed their formula many times over the years, but never advertised it. I think most people never noticed.

Then, some marketing person with the imagination and intelligence of a slug, decided it would be a good idea to capitalize on the pending adjustment to the formula. Coke decided to take a brand that was loved and trusted by millions (billions?) of consumers and say: "Hey, we've taken your favorite soft drink and fucked with it."

It did not turn out very well. Coke saw major defections from their brand, even from people who claim to embrace brand-loyalty were furious with the soft-drink distiller.

Coke relented and introduced "Coke Classic," pretending to distribute the original version of their soft drink. Of course, it wasn't their original formula, it may not even have been the most recent formula. It didn't matter, the damage had been done.

Pepsi sales and advertising sky-rocketed.

It appears that the same people who thought-up the New Coke campaign have found another job: destroying Gap.

I am not a Gap consumer, so I don't really care one way or another if their brand suffers from their current decision; but, look at this:

This is the new logo that Gap thinks will bring it into a better place!

It looks like an entry on the periodic table! It's really unappealing, and why would anyone move away from one of the most successful logos of the past 40 years?

As one person commented on the web: "If they wanted good marketing, maybe they should start by lowering their prices."

I have not heard if Gap is lowering its prices, which would be a good idea; but I also haven't heard that they are restoring their old logo.

Well, there are stupid people everywhere, I guess, and today they are working for The Gap!

Gap Redesigns Logo ... But Why?

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