Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Dear Neighbor:

by Dick Mac

I know you got the parking space against the wall, which means you really only got half of a parking space. Still, I think that's better than having no parking space. What do you think?

We live in Brooklyn, and parking is at a premium. We are both very lucky to have access to, and be able to afford, indoor parking. I always feel something of a kinship with other urbanites with whom I share little amenities like a designated parking spot. We are lucky, indeed.

I've been in my parking spot for five years. Doesn't seem possible -- time flies. In that time, three other families besides you have used the half-spot next to me. Just before you it was my friends, so it was easy to negotiate how we could maximize their use of the space so they had at least one side of the car with plenty of access for kids, groceries, luggage, bundles, guests, etc.

I am happy to help you have reasonable access to your half parking spot; but I can't do that by having you park in both my spot and your spot.

You see, there's a line painted on the floor of the garage that demarkates our spots. The idea is that we will both park a distance from the line to allow each other room to open our doors.

If you park on the line, or across the line, neither one of us can open our doors. This has to be more frustrating for you than me, because it is always your driver-side door that is short of space, and you leave your passenger door a bit of space against the wall.

How's this working for you?

I'll bet not well.

It's not working well for me, that's for sure.

You need to stop parking in my spot and you need to keep the wheels of your car in your spot, off the line. I know you have a crappy space, and I am happy to help make it an easier spot for you to use; but, you have to work with me.

Here's the deal: if you'll stop parking on the line and move your car against the wall as it should be, I will endeavor to park as far away from the line as possible to provide you the maximum amount of space on the side of your car that abuts my space.

Here's the caveat: each time you hug the line, I will hug the line, too, and you will have no access to your driver's side door. You will have to enter through your passenger door and climb over the seat to get into your car. That's got to stink.

You have all the power: the choice is yours!

Let's not have to resort to leaving notes. I hate leaving notes, because I'm really bad at it.

If you think this blog entry sounds bitchy, wait 'til you read my notes!

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amy said...

I was going to suggest parking as close as you can to his car so that he can't get in, but as I got to the end I see you are already as vindictive as me :)