Friday, September 03, 2010

Mammals: Humans

by Dick Mac

Humans are members of the group homo sapiens (tranlated to "wise man"). Homo is a subset of the Hominidae (a/k/a the great ape family). Humans are most commonly known as people.

Humans are the most evolved of all species, having learned to master most aspects of our surroundings.

We are a migratory animal, we like to move from place to place, as is obviated by the notion of travel and vacations, as well as the incredible migration of the past 500 years. Migration is just as normal for people as it is for the wildebeest of the the Serengeti.

We are omnivores. We eat other animals and vegetation. We have learned to manipulate both groups, to some detriment.

Although popular myths perpetrated by historical writings of religious organization promote monogamy, people are generally promiscuous and form monogamous unions only with the exertion of reason and free-will over the natural desire to the contrary.

We are able to reason, to make determinations that allow us to form allegedly polite social contracts, and overcome our animalistic desires to dominate other humans.

We are saddled with free-will, which works hand-in-hand with reason, allowing us to do amazing things collectively and individually.

We are destroying our environment.

Some humans have formed societies that ignore evolution, migration, science, sex drive, reason, social contracts, and free-will. They tend to be possessive of external riches in spite of their religious rantings, congregate in specific regions, and form a mob mentality. These groups tend to be dangerous to the surrounding, more civilized societies. Below is a video that highlights some of their more insidious philosophies:

As Ricky Gervais might say: "Only kidding, really. No, not really."

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