Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fox News *Hearts* Monsanto

by Dick Mac

Although I suffer when I enjoy a snack of cheese, I have never regretted being lactose-intolerant. I haven't drunk a glass of milk since 1971, and I remember rushing to the toilet shortly after finishing it. I knew it was the milk that made me feel that way and I never drank another glass.

being a non-milk-drinker has protected me from the horror that is the American dairy industry. Corporate farms with hundred of cows being injected with hormones, and god-knows-what-else, and basically tortured by milking machines that tug at their teats for hours and hours.

The milk that is produced is then processed. Homogenization and pasteurization make the milk silky smooth and disease-free. There are processes that allow the milk to be kept unrefrigerated for an extended period to be sold from a shelf, not from a refrigerator. Warm milk in a box sorta freaks me out. What have they done to this milk to make it stay 'fresh' without refrigeration? Actually, I don't think I want to know.

What DOES fascinate me, is the methods they use to get so much milk from a single cow. Seems this is a chemical process, and some people are concerned about the impact of the chemicals on the human body - especially children.

So, Fox News reporters started investigating. They found a lot of readily-available information and produced a story about it.

When the chemical company Monsanto learned of the investigation, the bosses at Fox News were given a talking-to, and like all shit, that talking-to travelled downhill to the reporters.

Here's their version of what happened:

Reporters Fired For Telling The Truth About RGBH Milk Hormone

It's shocking that Fox would even have hired investigators that could find something of importance. It's not shocking that Fox would then cancel the investigative report.

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