Thursday, September 30, 2010

Don't Call Me

by Dick Mac

Although I have made a career supporting technology use and development, I am not a big fan of one particular invention: the mobile phone.

The telephone was an amazing invention, and the ability to call someone anywhere in the world is remarkable. I cannot imagine life without the telephone.

The telephone was my mother's primary source of entertainment. She could spend hours on the phone with her sisters, and she did. A few minutes after she got settled into her armchair the sign language would start: two fingers held up like the V-victory sign waving back and forth in front of her mouth meant "Get me my cigarettes, matches and ashtray, and get it now and don't say anything." That meant at least an hour-long conversation!

I never quite caught the phone chatting bug. I like the phone to make plans, confirm plans, order something, make a request, inform someone of a fact, etc. Except for friends that live far, far away, I don't much use the phone for conversation.

The advent of the mobile phone was exciting. The thought of carrying a telephone in my pocket was pretty cool. Cell phones 15 years ago were a bit bulky, but still fit in a pocket. Fortunately, not many people had mobile phones, so mine didn't ring often.

Mine still doesn't ring often. Why? Mostly I leave it turned off.

I failed to embrace the novelty of chatting on the phone while walking down the street. I think it's rude to take a call while dining in a restaurant. I am not deaf; but I have trouble hearing on mobile phones -- especially outside.

I just don't like them!

I like them even less when people use them inappropriately.

I wish they would go away, or at least lose their lustre and fall out of favor.

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Anonymous said...

Did you write this in 1989? It's the 21st century

Anonymous said...

ok, u old fart, but, step away from my iPad ;-)