Friday, August 27, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ballgame, Then Take Me Out Of My Job

by Dick Mac

I have nothing good to say about David Paterson, the current Governor of New York. I think he's a buffoon whose political skills aren't even as good as mine (and that's pretty bad), a man whose desire for personal success has caused him to betray all New Yorkers.

His buffoonery and inability to govern are an embarrassment, and his punishment is that he will not be re-elected.

Last year, Paterson attended a Yankees World Series game. Governors do that. I always thought that governors, presidents, and mayors, police chiefs, movie stars, diplomats, and rock stars attended these games for free, as guests of the team; and I think this is absolutely OK.

"The Governor Attends The World Series" is not a headline that I find disturbing. "Governor Appoints Douchebag Right-Winger To Replace Your Nominally Liberal Senator" is much more disturbing, almost criminal. A baseball game? Really? This is a problem? And Kirsten Gillibrand is OK?

Now, the price of Yankees tickets is criminal, and perhaps Paterson is guilty of general shitheadedness for even wanting a baseball game ticket with a face value of $425; but, then many New Yorkers are guilty of that decision. But is it a crime? Really?

This really required an investigation that now has Paterson facing possible criminal charges because he answered poorly (dishonestly?) when grilled about the event?

Now, you know how I feel about Paterson, but he had to be shocked, as shocked as me, to find out that a governor attending a baseball game for free would become an investigation!

What the fuck?!?!?!

I think we should pass a law that says: "Governors attend championship sporting events and nobody asks why or how." Perhaps we can require companies like the Yankees, who suck off the taxpayers, to provide those tickets for free so that everyone knows how the Governor got the tickets.

I am surprised to find myself defending the governor; but, I mean really people, is this what it's come to? Is this all we can get on this guy - free Yankees tickets?

Clearly I think more highly of New Yorkers than I should.

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