Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Support Ceara Sturgis

by Dick Mac

Ceara Sturgis is a young woman whose choice of clothing styles has always leaned towards the masculine. She wears "boys clothes" and is most comfortable that way.

She wore "boys clothes" as a pre-teen and a tween and a teenager, and as she approaches the end of her teenage years, she still wears "boys clothes."

Obviously, any clothes owned by Ceara are girls' clothes. She is a girl and she owns them, and that makes them a girls' clothes. The notion that I might see these same clothes in an advertisement or on a mannequin and think of them as boys' clothes matters for nothing. They are purchased by a girl, they are in her wardrobe, she wears them and they are girls' clothes now.

At the high school she attends in Mississippi, high school seniors are required to "dress" in a particular way: the boys are put in a tuxedo jacket, dress shit and bow tie, and the girls are put in a drape.

Ceara posed in her drape and was not at all comfortable. She asked to pose in the tuxedo, the photographer got her re-seated and took a beautiful picture of her for the yearbook.

When someone in the school's administration saw the picture they decided to exclude her from the yearbook. It's not rocket science to conclude that this decision is unconstitutional and a violation of Ceara's civil rights.

Needless to say, and thankfully, the American Civil Liberties Union has taken the issue to the federal courts.

This sort of discrimination has to stop.

Please support Ceara anyway you can.

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