Monday, August 23, 2010


by Dick Mac

A gang of motorcyclists rode into New York City yesterday morning. They'd travelled three days to participate in a protest against a mosque being built in Lower Manhattan. They joined about 500 suburbanites and a smattering of New York City residents in the protest.

When a black union worker, whose position on the mosque was unknown to all, was spotted in the crowd, he was assaulted.

A person caught the incident on camera:

This picture shows a man in a green shirt and a blue hard hart in the lower-lefthand corner. He is the most vociferous of those around and when you watch the video at about :40, you see that he goes out of his way to get to the guy who is walking away.

This man in the green shirt and blue hard hat is a coward. He screams while in a crowd of like-minded people at an American citizen who may actually agree with him. Why is he yelling? The man has brown skin and a hat the guy thinks makes him a Muslim.

The man is not a Muslim, and the crowd has no idea if the man agrees with them or not. He has brown skin, and this crowd wants a lynching, even if only verbal.

These people are cowards. They would gut the Constitution and abridge the rights of fellow-Americans because of fake issues raised by the likes of non-New Yorkers like Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin.

These people, and all people who oppose the mosque are cowards.

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