Friday, July 02, 2010

What's The Proper Angle For A Proper Teabagging

by Dick Mac

As you can see, I have finally found my favorite image of teabagging: an average guy doing the Wall Street bull in public.

It's a pretty accurate image of the relationship between American citizens and the so-called "free-market." I think it also accurately depicts the people who claim the Boston Tea Party heritage as their own: white folks on their backs waiting to service the billionaires who have them screaming about on race, sex, and personal freedom, instead of the pillaging of the American marketplace.

These people, of course, have no idea what they are talking about, so a big mouthful of raw, living Rocky Mountain oysters is the perfect use of their mouths. It's hard to know what these people want beyond things like "family values" and "conservatism"; neither of which they really care about. I know they want to limit personal freedom and liberty, and they want BP to be free of the shackles of regulation, and they want all the non-whites stopped at the border, and they want their taxes cut (even though there taxes are the lowest since 1950), and as they insert themselves into the government they say they want to eliminate government.

I know it all sounds like treason, because it is, but they have the world's largest media outlet protecting them, so they can do whatever they want. Since the majority of law enforcement agents are members of this brigand - against their own best interests - we will be hard-pressed to get any protection from them when the gun play starts.

My favorite new teabagger is a woman who really doesn't have any room in her big mouth for the bull's testicles, because she has her foot firmly planted there.

From calling for the assassination of a sitting United States Senator to advocating the forced pregnancy of victims of rape and incest, Sharron Angle belongs either in prison or in a mental hospital; but, she is the Republican nominee for a US Senate seat from Nevada.

So, this Sharron Angle person was interviewed by a Nevada television station and the interview was picked-up by Keith Olbermann for his Countdown show. Olbermann dubbed Angle The Worst Person In The World that day:

I think she might be WORSE than the worst person in the world.

Visit Olbermann's site here: Countdown with Keith Olbermann

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