Monday, July 19, 2010

" . . . adds nutrients such as iron, zinc, iodine and vitamin A to address deficiencies among the poor. . . ."

Photo Credit: Marie Hippenmeyer, Nestleby Dick Mac

Perhaps we should be promoting good nutrition, instead of junk food fortified with vitamins and minerals!

My disdain for, and loathing of, Nestle Corporation is known by most of my friends and followers.

Not only are Nestle's products generally very low quality, their marketing campaigns are less than acceptable to me. Their breast milk substitute campaigns being singularly the most despicable examples of exploitation ever seen in free-market capitalism.

Nestle has acquired some companies that produce some decent products. The former "Libby's" created Juicy Juice, the first of the kids' juice drinks to avoid added sugar and other sweeteners. Since it's a Nestle product, I have never purchased it, but rumor has it that the company has not taken to adding the bad stuff that Libby's avoided at creation.

Nestle's participation in the world's water wars is insidious, as their behavior in Poland Springs, Maine, proved during a well breakdown a few years back.

The worst thing they do, however, is their marketing. I'm not talking about commercials during The Flintstones, I'm talking about marketing expensive products to second- and third-world nations where the acquisition of basic necessities is a challenge that does not need the shiny bright objects of Nestle as a distraction from basic survival.

Come now, the Nestle Junk Food Barge for the people inhabiting communities along the the Amazon River:

Nestle Stoops to New Low, Launches Barge to Peddle Junk Food on the Amazon River to Brazil's Poor

I know the teabagging line is that people shouldn't purchase that which they can neither afford nor need. My point has always been that corporations shouldn't be marketing to those people in the first place. Teabaggers will tell you that this is what is meant by 'freedom.'


Please boycott, or continue to boycott Nestle.

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