Monday, June 07, 2010

Sarah Palin Opposes Job Outsourcing?

by Dick Mac

In a post on her Facebook page, Sarah Palin rationalized that environmental activists are hurting America, and came out as an opponent of moving American jobs off-shore:
Look, here’s the deal: when you lock up our land, you outsource jobs and opportunity away from America and into foreign countries that are making us beholden to them.

When did the outsourcing of jobs become a concern for teabaggers?

So, if we let Sarah Palin's friends drill in shallow waters and the Arctic, she will support a law that bans the off-shoring of American jobs? I don't believe that. I think she's a liar!

You can't have voted Republican ever in the past thirty years and say you oppose outsourcing. This woman was the vice-presidential nominee of the Republican party. She is against outsourcing jobs? No way she cares about American jobs moving off-shore! Republicans would never come-out against off-shoring or outsourcing jobs.

Outsourcing of America's jobs is a keystone to American profitability. We can't make huge profits AND employ Americans! It's too expensive. The wages we must pay people who live in America are high. In order for the corporations who support Palin to employ the people Palin is trying to reach, they will have to reduce their profits by paying them American wages. This is the sort of 'protectionism' that I thought teabaggers and Republicans opposed. I thought opposition to outsourcing was a liberal position. Are "conservatives" taking an anti-outsourcing position now?

Look, you can't have it both ways: either you support the post-Reagan model of American industry that includes the outsourcing of America's jobs, or you support protecting America's jobs and keeping them on-shore, no matter the cost, no matter the hit to the shareholders. The former is the 'conservative' position, and the latter is the liberal position. There is no way you can live on both sides of that argument.

Which is it, Mrs. Palin? Do you support protecting America by eliminating the outsourcing of our jobs, especially the jobs of the middle-class you say you care about so deeply? Or, do you support the government-as-a-business model promoted by Ronald Reagan and all the supply-siders who have backed you?

My teabagging friends? Do you have any idea where Mrs. Palin stands on the outsourcing of jobs? From her recent Facebook post it sounds like she opposes it. Is this the new teabagger position: end the outsourcing of America's jobs?

If so, you'll get a lot of votes! You'll lose all your corporate funding, but you'll get a lot of votes.

Which is it? Outsource America's jobs or keep them in America?


nightchef said...

No, no, Dick, you don't get it! If we just remove all barriers to American business making as much money as humanly possible by any means necessary, then they will just magically stop outsourcing because we will have made them so happy!!!! (Don't you understand ANYTHING????)

Anonymous said...

Teabaggers couldn't possibly be for off-shoring jobs! If you outsourced all the male stripper jobs - there would be no more teabaggers!

There's always Thailand...

Love, Rexie

Anonymous said...

I think that there is a difference. You need to oursource some servicices if you are a big company like you can be Outsourcing customer support but there are some others areas of the business that you can't outsource it. If you outsource some process you can "forget it" and you can focus in your goals. What do you think about that?

BPO services said...

I agree with Sarah but she don't think that they are saving many dollars by out sourcing their work.