Friday, May 21, 2010

Could Vito Fossella Come Back On The Scene?

by Dick Mac

I hope so!

Vito J. Fossella, Staten Island's Family Values politician thinks a lot of family values. He values families so much that he has two of them - at the same time! Now that's a real Family Values guy if there ever was one.

Fosella is one in a long line of so-called conservatives who align themselves with the Republican Party. They wear the mantles of family, abstinence, child-birth, God, heterosexuality, and patriotism, all the while violating every tenet of that which they purport to support.

Oddly, Americans who call themselves conservatives continually vote for them. So-called conservatives, many of whom are now tea-bagging there way through life whining about paying their fair share of the cost of civilization, who object to gay marriage, reproductive health, workers' rights, and the funding of society, vote for guys like this.

The Staten Island GOP chairman, John Friscia, wants Fosella to run for his old seat. (See, SI GOP Chairman Friscia: Fossella's "The Guy".)

Fosella would be a perfect Republican in Congress because he represents so much about so-called conservative values: he's a convicted drunk-driver, he hates a huge swath of American taxpayers, he has fathered a child with a mistress and maintains two families; but he's missing the most important characteristic of an American conservative: he hasn't been caught performing, or offering to perform, oral sex on a man.

Still, I don't think this should prevent him from being a conservative in Congress. Fosella still has plenty of time to brush-up on his fellatio and find a public toilet or a male prostitute website where he can practice America's unique brand of conservatism.

I've written about Vito Fossella in the past; and I am hoping to write about him some more.

Please, Mr. Friscia, keep Fosella in the news. He's a good-looking piece of Italian trade and it would be amusing to watch him move deeper into the world of American down-low, male-on-male oral sex, er, I mean American conservatism.

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