Thursday, April 01, 2010

Keep It Warm, by Flo & Eddie

by Dick Mac

After The Turtles broke-up in 1970, Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan became members of the Mothers of Invention. Working with Frank Zappa gave them an arena to continue their wonderfully off-kilter creations. In particular, their performance with The Mothers during the last show at The Fillmore East, which has been recorded for posterity on The Mothers album of the same name, was phenomenal.

After they left The Mothers in 1972, they became Flo & Eddie. On one of their LPs, they released the song "Keep It Warm," which is one of my fave songs of the seventies.

Here are two videos:

This is a montage video over the actual LP recording:

This is a live performance from 2008:

"Keep It Warm" appeared on the 'Moving Targets' album. Like all Flo & Eddie records, they are almost impossible to find on CD. 'Moving Targets' is available only as a limited edition, signed copy direct from The Turtles Merchandise Page at their website.

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