Thursday, April 22, 2010

Get Your Gal And Promenade Down To Boom, Boom, Boomtown!

by Dick Mac

Saturday mornings in Boston during the 1960s meant Boomtown with Rex Trailer on television. I remember his sidekick, Pablo, a "Mexican" guy with a moustache dressed in a sombrero and poncho. Later, his sidekicks were Sgt. Billy, a Civil War era soldier, and Cactus Pete, a prospector.

I always dreamed of being on Boomtown, but it never happened.

Rex Trailer sponsored carnivals for the Muscular Dystrophy foundation, and more importantly, hosted trips to sunny Florida during school vacation weeks.

Wow! Imagine being lucky enough to go to sunny Florida with Rex Trailer!

There is a DVD available: Rex Trailer's Boomtown Gold DVD

Also, this fan site is hard to load, but includes pictures and memories: Boomtown Memories

This video "Rex Trailer 60 Years in TV" is an homage to the man and his career:

Rex Trailer - Boomtown Theme and Hoofbeats [this is the same slideshow from the Boomtown Memories site above]:

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Ken said...

Rex will appear on Sunday 9/11 for a free singing and signing event in Fitchburg MA. Details follow: