Friday, April 16, 2010

Every Painting at MoMA on 10 April 2010

by Dick Mac

Each time I go to MoMA, I think about doing exactly this. Usually, though, I am with a group of people, or another person, and stopping at every painting isn't really feasible.

Now that I have seen that someone has done it, you can be sure I will come-up with one of my own someday.

What I like most about this video is that the dreadfully massive number of Picassos (as good or bad as they may be) that MoMA displays at all times is not so obvious, as they are scattered among the paintings of other artists.

I appreciate that MoMA has an extensive Picasso collection; but, do they have to hang so much of it all the time? They removed three Leger painting recently (three paintings I happen to like very much, including "Three Women") and instead of hanging other Leger paintings they hung three more Picassos in the space.

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