Friday, April 30, 2010

And Up From The Ground Came A Bubbling Crude

by Dick Mac

When Jed Clampett was "shootin' at some food" and "up from the ground came some bubbling crude" he discovered oil on his own. No government subsidies or tax breaks, just a clean shot and a bounty of wealth. Jed cashed-out and moved his family to Beverly. "Hills, that is."

British Petroleum was shootin' at some food in the Gulf of Mexico and out from the seabed has come a bubbling crude (oil that is, black gold, Texas tea). Sadly, it is floating on the water, poisoning sea life, destroying industry, and making it's way to the coast, the beaches.

The area that is being affected is the home area of a different kind of tea. Most of the Gulf Coasts states lean towards being what passes as "conservative" but is really more accurately described as "selfish," and these people claim to be a Tea Party (a Texas Tea Party, now, I suppose). This community boasts the glory of the corporation, and demeans their government (sometimes in a treasonous way). The almighty dollar over the almighty nation.

Now one of these sainted corporations is destroying their environment. I wonder if they expect their horrible, terrible government to clean up the mess; or will they have the courage of their convictions and show us how corporations can do things better, demand that BP clean-up their corporate mess, and save their beaches.

Tea Party supporters, of course, don't have the courage of their convictions, they want the government to stop spending money on others, but expect the government to be plenty big to take care of their needs and demands.

Corporations can manage things better than the government, right?

Well, I want to see the Tea Party marching on Washington, and pronouncing on Fox News, that the government get out of the way of the clean-up, stop wasting tax dollars, and let the oil industry take care of business.

Oil From Spill Is Reported to Have Reached the Coast

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