Monday, March 29, 2010

Sparrows and Pigeons

Photo from the Laura Kammermeier siteby Dick Mac

In the projects there were two types of birds: sparrows and pigeons. You could see a crow now and then up the hill where there were trees and yards and fields, and starlings had not yet been introduced to the Boston area.

When I was a boy, I thought sparrows were baby pigeons. Imagine my surprise when I learned otherwise.

This morning, some 45 years later I realized I have never seen a baby pigeon.

So, I started looking and I found the Speed Pigeon site, and it shows photographs of the first month of a pigeon's life.

Then I started thinking: How did starlings get to Boston anyhow? I guess that will be a different post some day.

I do know how parrots got to Brooklyn, and I will tell that story another time, too. It is a historical and comical story.

Photo credit: Photo nicked from the Laura Kammermeier site, Birds, Words, & Websites.

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