Friday, February 12, 2010

Marvel Comics Apologizes for Reference to Teabaggers

by Dick Mac

Captain America is a patriot, in every fictional sense of the word. Like all real patriots, he is opposed to the Teabaggers who are passing themselves off as good Americans, when in reality they are a mob of racist, homophobic, sexist, neo-conservative ideologues hell-bent on eliminating liberty and personal freedom in the United States.

Of course Captain America would oppose Teabaggers!

In Issue 602, Captain America and his sidekick, Falcon, infiltrate an anti-government hate group that uses similar slogans as the real-life Teabaggers. The real-life Teabaggers are upset, of course, because they think they are the patriots and that actual thinking people who support liberty and good government (that is, liberals)are somehow against America.

Well, it is the Teabaggers who are destroying America and jeopardizing the Constitution and Bill of Rights; and Captain America is right to want them stopped.

Marvel Comics, the spineless publisher of the comic, who plays either side of the fence as needed, has apologized to the Teabaggers. Marvel had no problem denigrating people who exercised their freedom of speech during the Vietnam War, why are they having a problem exposing a bunch of anti-American Teabaggers who are destroying our nation? Why apologize? Who knows? It doesn't make sense! Did Marvel apologize to the Nazis or the anti-war demonstrators? No! Then why apologize to the Teabaggers? Probably because Marvel is owned by spineless profiteers who are afraid to come down on the wrong side of white people.

Well the Teabaggers don't represent all white people, and I am offended that Marvel has apologized! There was no reason to apologize to that slime who cloak themselves in the mantel of patriotism while destroying our nation.

Shame on you, Marvel! Take a stand to support American freedom and liberty! Stand up to the Teabaggers the way you stood up to the Nazis!

Below is a web cast by ddarko2012. It's not clear what position he takes on the comic or the Teabaggers, but he does mention the sex act of teabagging more than once. I share it because he refers to Sarah Palin near the end of the web cast.

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