Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sarah Palin Is Not Running, But . . .

by Dick Mac

. . . her clone, Scott Brown, is running for Senator from Massachusetts. He is so much like Palin, it's amazing: no qualifications, no plan, no knowledge, no clue, just kinda, gee-whiz, a pretty face who's mad-as-heck, darn-it, and plans to blame the liberals and thinkers for his short-comings.

Brown is a tea-bagger who doesn't know what tea-bagging really is. He is a truck driver who poses for beefcake photos. He has a nice suit and a nice haircut. He has the the things that Republicans want in an elected official: good clothes and good hair, no intellect, and a hatred for progress and equity.

He's running against a very qualified Democrat, Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, who is everything the GOP hates: hard-working, intellectual, considerate, and an advocate for those who are less able to help themselves.

Oddly, the television pundits have called it a close race and are encouraging people to vote for Brown, as if he represents change.

Any thinking person knows he represents the fiscal policies of George W Bush and the social policies of Ronald Reagan; both of which have proven to be total failures.

I hope that Massachusetts citizens send Coakley to Washington.

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Anonymous said...

The New Senator from Massachusetts is a fuckin Mimbo! http://www.cosmopolitan.com/celebrity/news/scott-brown-nude-in-cosmo