Thursday, December 31, 2009

Did You Die In 2009? And Happy New Year 2010, from Dick Mac, Al Falafal, and Cavebat!

Thank you to our readers, news providers, and the Internet, for another year of blogging!

What follows is our annual list of celebrity deaths, compiled from the mailings of the good people at Celebrity Deathwatch, and Jon Stewart's Year In Review, from The Daily Show, on Comedy Central.

Also, this link will bring you to one of my earliest internet communiques, the year I learned about blogging, at the beginning of this decade, nine years ago, on January 1, 2001: 01/01/01.

Be safe tonight, and here's to a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2010!


from Dick Mac

Celebrity and notable deaths during 2009:

Oral Roberts, evangelist, 91
Antonio de Nigris, athlete, 31
Ken Ober, game show host/producer, 52
Edward Woodward, actor, 79
Joseph Wiseman, actor, 91
Vic Mizzy, film and TV composer, 93
Clifford Hansen, former Wyoming governor, 97
Soupy Sales , TV comic, 83
"Captain" Lou Albano , legendary wrestling figure, 76
Sheila Lukins, author, 66
William Safire, columnist, 79
Susan Atkins, Manson "family" member, 61
Bob Stupak, Las Vegas impresario, 67
Crystal Lee Sutton, inspiration for 'Norma Rae', 68
Henry Gibson, actor, 73
Mary Travers, singer, 72
Patrick Swayze, actor and dancer, 57
Jim Carroll, Poet and Punk Rocker, 60
Larry Gelbart, "MASH" writer, 81
George Eckstein, writer and producer , 81
Norman Borlaug, Nobel Peace Prize winner, 95
Army Archerd, columnist, 87
Gertrude Baines, world's oldest person, 115
Adam Goldstein, disc jockey "DJ AM", 36
Ellie Greenwich, songwriter, 68
Dominick Dunne, author, 83
Edward 'Ted' Kennedy, longtime Massachusetts Senator,77
Robert Novak, conservative columnist, 78
Les Paul, musician, 94
Allen Shellenberger, musician, 39
Eunice Kennedy Shriver, advocate of the mentally disabled, 88
Willy DeVille, singer songwriter, 55
John Hughes, filmmaker, 59
Budd Schulberg, screenwriter, 95
Merce Cunningham, choreographer , 90
Sir Bobby Robson, athlete/manager, 76
Cory Aquino, Philippine people power heroine, 76
Frank McCourt, author, 78
Walter Cronkite, former CBS news anchor, 92
Robert McNamara, Former Defense Secretary, 93
Allen Klein, record label owner, 77
Mollie Sugden, actress, 86
Karl Malden, actor, 97
Fred Travalena, comedian and impersonator, 66
Billy Mays, TV Pitchman, 50
Farrah Fawcett, actress, 62
Michael Jackson, musician, 50
Ed McMahon, veteran TV personality, 86
Koko Taylor, singer, 80
Richard Quick, swim coach, 66
Harold Norse, beat poet, 92
Huey Long, musician, 105
Charles Donald Albury, pilot, 88
Millvina Dean, last survivor of Titanic, 97
David Carradine, actor, 72
Jay Bennett, musician, 45
Lucy Gordon, actress, 28
Dom DeLuise, comic actor, 75
Danny Gans, Vegas entertainer, 52
Jack Kemp, former Republican VP candidate, 73
Greg Page, boxer, 50
Bea Arthur, actress, 86
Ken Annakin, film director, 94
David Kellermann, acting CFO of Freddie Mac, 41
Ernest Stempel, Former AIG vice chairman, 92
J.G. Ballard, novelist, 78
Bruce Snyder, college football coach, 69
Svetlana Ulmasova, athlete, 56
Peter Rogers, producer, 95
Harry Kalas, Radio and TV broadcaster, 73
Mark Fidrych, former Detroit Tigers pitcher, 54
Marilyn Chambers, porn star, 56
Frederic J. Gaynor, child model for Daisy air rifle, 74
Jane O'Brien Dart, actress, 90
Dave Arneson, Dungeons and Dragons co-creator, 61
David "Pop" Winans, gospel group patriarch, 74
Lou Saban, athlete and coach, 87
Helen Levitt, photographer, 95
Earl Paulk, former mega-church leader, 81
Monte Hale, actor, 89
Andrea Mead Lawrence, Olympic athlete, 76
Irving R. Levine, journalist, 86
George Kell, athlete, 86
John Hope Franklin, historian, 94
Dan Seals, musician, 61
Jade Goody, British reality TV star, 27
Ron Silver, actor, 62
Alan W. Livingston, entertainment industry veteran, 91
Elizabeth Bradford Holbrook, sculptor, 95
Anne Wiggins Brown, singer, 96
Natasha Richardson, actress, 45
Alan Landers, "The Winston Man", 68
Horton Foote, actor/playwright, 92
John Cephas, musician, 78
Francis Magalona, musician/actor, 44
Paul Harvey, radio broadcaster, 90
Wendy Richard, actress, 65
Philip Jose Farmer, author, 91
Socks the Cat, former first cat, 20
Orlando "Cachaito" Lopez, musician, 76
Lux Interior, musician, 62
James Whitmore, actor, 87
Lukas Foss, composer, 86
Guy Hunt, former governor, 75
Billy Powell, musician, 56
John Updike, author, 76
Kay Yow, basketball coach, 66
Mariana Bridi, model, 20
José Torres, boxer, 72
Tapan Sinha, director, 84
Bob May, actor, 69
Andrew Wyeth, painter, 91
Patrick McGoohan, actor, 80
Sir Dai Llewellyn, British playboy, 62
Ricardo Montalban, actor, 88
Pat Hingle, actor, 84
Helen Suzman, anti-apartheid activist, 91
Claiborne Pell, senator, 90
Ron Asheton, musician, 60

and from Al Falafal

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1 comment:

Al Falafal AKA T.Faigle said...

Happy New Year Indeed!

One name I would like to add to the list of our dead in 2009 is Larry Frankel, 58: Legislative Director for the ACLU Washington DC Office, who apparently dropped dead during a morning run in a DC creek area in April.

Before moving to DC to take the job in the national office Larry had been a long-time gay activist/lawyer & ACLU leader in Philadelphia with his long-time partner Andrew Chirls, another prominent Philadelphia attorney.

The two of them did a lot to help give lawyers a better name! RIP Larry!