Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Afghanistan On The Eve Of Destruction

Map Source: University of Texasby Dick Mac

What to do about Afghanistan?

Ideally, we would eliminate funding for terrorist organizations operating in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Since most of that funding comes from Arab royal families and powerful Arabian businessmen, who are the closest and staunchest business partners of America's oil industry, it is unlikely that the American government will do anything about the funding of terrorism.

So, we have to do the next best thing: slaughter the Afghan people, and some Pakistanis, if we have to, and pretend we are eliminating the threat to our national security.

We will throw thousands of young Americans on the funeral pyre of a righteous war, funded by the Americans who can least afford it, and say that victory is at hand.

And although we may persevere, and we may actually win the war in Afghanistan, the threat to our national security will not be eliminated.

The threat to our national security is our vulgar dependence on Arabian oil, and being beholden to religious zealots who believe Americans are beneath contempt. That dependence will never be address, because the largest and most powerful businesses in the United States are complicit in that dependence. When it comes right down to it, you and I are also heavily invested in these businesses: our retirement funds are littered with oil stocks that allow our funds to swell while we sleep at night.

What do we do?

Well, there are two ideas: end the war in Afghanistan by pulling-out, or ending the war in Afghanistan by totally devastating what is left of that nation and hopefully killing enough of the young men in the area that there will be nobody left to accept Arabian funding for jihad.

The latter is, I guess, possible; but, it hasn't worked for Israel in Palestine.

The latter is what we will undertake, and the President will be discussing the plan later today.

Afghanistan is a mess. We went there to eliminate a terrorist organization; but, when they were in our sights then-President Bush and his coterie decided to let the old family friend vanish into the mountains. The terrorists were emboldened by their success and the current President has inherited an unnecessary mess that will mire the American taxpayer in red ink and red blood for another decade.

The sheikdoms that fund "islamic" terrorism have a lot more money than us; and they have all the oil. As long as those nations (with Saudi Arabia at the head) are allowed to fund terrorism, a victory in Afghanistan will be meaningless.

I say we send the 30,000 troops to Riyadh, and take down the Saudi Royal Family, then go after the other sheikdoms along the gulf. We may see a spike in oil prices for a while, but we stand a better chance of stopping terrorism that way than by continuing to destroy Afghanistan.

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Anonymous said...

I have said for many years now, the only way to make an impression on Islamic Jihadists, including those of Al Qeda, the Taliban and any other group fighting for the cause - is to nuke Mecca. Sorry. It's the truth. Suicide bombers are not discouraged by our military might, chasing them down through the mountains and cities of the Middle East. The only thing that will cower them is to see that we don't give a fuck about their supposed religious superiority and right to dominate the planet. Blow them the fuck to smithereens. Of course, we'll get a lot of shit and probably blow ourselves up at the same time but nothing makes any more sense anymore, does it?