Friday, October 09, 2009

Guns Don't Kill People . . .

by Dick Mac

(Note: I've received some angry emails about my use of the 'n' word in this post, so I have edited the article by removing it.)

. . . big ugly, right-wing losers who carry side arms to children's events kill people! Or themselves. Or they get killed by other big ugly, right-wing losers in a murder/suicide.

Meleanie Hain, a 31-year-old loser who openly carried a gun to her daughter's soccer match was shot dead either by her own hand or by Scott Hain her 33-year-old loser husband.

They were pronounced dead Wednesday, in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, a small city about 80 miles west of Philadelphia, where they lived in a lovely home with their 3 children.

The children were home at the time of the murder/suicide, so they witnessed this orgy of Second Amendment abuse, but were unharmed - physically.

So, how does this play out for the right-to-kill lobby and the guns-don't-kill-people-lobby, and the Second-Amendment-gives-me-the-right-to-pack-heat-near-the-black-president crowd? How do they explain this?

Meleanie Hain has been a hero of the right-wing, because she is only packing heat to protect herself (while attending a 5-year-old's soccer match). She's just a regular mom, exercising her regular constitutional rights, in a regular suburb, on a regular day. Just like all the other whacko right-wingers who think they are just regular people.

The truth is that people, companies, and political action committees promoting the notion that packing heat at a soccer match is protected by the Second Amendment are sociopaths. These are the people who make America a dangerous place; but, they think they are just regular people, because they are white, and in debt, and "christian," and they are patriots, and they support the president (well, not the black president), and the troops, and they don't understand how all the homosexuals and Jews have wrecked the world for regular people.

Well, these are not regular people! Those who will tell you that they need a gun at a soccer match are dangerous, unpatriotic, criminals, who need to be chased back under their rocks to watch their televisions and gloat (and bloat) about everybody else being the bad guys.

Meleanie Hain is the living and dying proof of what happens to Americans when they listen to right-wing whackos who want to reduce our once-great America to arguments about guns, homosexuality, abortion, and taxes, while ignoring poverty, illness, obesity, deregulation, white-collar crime, the gutting of the Constitution, the diminishing value of the dollar, and our shrinking role on the world stage.


The Second Amendment isn't about carrying side arms to children's events or presidential appearance. It's about using your gun to get people like Dick Cheney and George Bush out of power and into prison for destroying your nation!

Your National Guard (your militia) is being used not to protect you, but to monopolize the natural resources of a once-sovereign nation for the benefit of a small group of Texans.


Turn off Fox News and read. Read the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Magna Carta, the Gospels, the Emancipation Proclamation, and see that they discuss the well-being of humans, not the well-being of markets. They talk about fruitfulness not profiteering. They talk about love and safety, not side arms and prejudice. They talk about building a better world, not gutting your government!

Wake up!

Dustin's Gun Blog Article Worshiping Meleanie Hain and Guns

She will be missed in the Pennsylvania gun rights community [Are you fucking kidding me? That's your position on this?]

This blog states that the Hains were having marital problems. Sounds to me like they were having violence and weapons problems.

This sociopath is hosting a Memorial Shoot to benefit the children. WHAT?!?!?! A memorial shoot? This woman, this mother, was killed by a gun! You're memorializing her with a shoot-out? Are you fucking people crazy?

This is about a love story so toxic that no one survives...a tragic tale played out time and again in homes across the country - he abused her, she tried to leave him, and so he killed her. It's not about the tool that he used to accomplish that. This is about a love story? This not about guns? Are you fucking kidding me?!?!?!? This is a story about people who worship guns. People who place their 'right' to own guns ahead of their own safety and everyone else's. These people really are sociopaths, bordering on psychopaths. These people have no sense of reality, they are hung-up on their guns.

And why is it that nobody with a gun is ever available to exercise their Second Amendment rights by stopping this sort of tragedy? Why? Because guns create tragedy, they don't prevent it!

Gun-toting Pa. soccer mom, husband found shot dead in apparent murder-suicide

Today would have been John Lennon's 69th birthday, but he was Second Amendmented in the prime of his life. And it's the 42nd Anniversary of the asassination of Che Guevara, a man whose use of guns was dramatically different (not better or worse) from Meleanie Hain's. Still, they are all dead. By guns. Remember, guns don't kill people . . .

OK! I have to stop now!


gercasty said...

Superb, Richard. I endorse every word.

Anonymous said...

Guns kill. Love doesn't man! xx

Chris Huff said...

Your opinion on this issue gives me great hope. Let's just hope there are others like us out there! Jon Stewart had a great piece on gun control tonight btw.