Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Photographs by Photographers

by Dick Mac  

Recently, I discovered that a photo album into which I had inserted pictures was likely damaging the prints. The pages of the album had sticky glue onto which the photographs were rested, and then a clear cellophane page folded over. Many of the photographs were very old and irreplaceable, so I decided to disassemble the album and scan all the pictures before the glue ate them alive from the back. Since there were over 200 pictures, I had undertaken quite a task. Sadly, photos on thinner stock had to be cut out with the sticky cardboard page still attached. Happily, they were scanned.

The photographs ranged from a picture of my paternal grandmother as a teenager in County Galway, to photographs of my last ex-girlfriend in 1997.The two photographs posted here really stood out to me during the process.

The photographer really captured the silent chaos of my life in 1981, the emotional and spiritual bankruptcy that was invisible to me then, and is crystal clear almost thirty years later.

I lost contact with the photographer about fifteen years ago, and a passing effort to reconnect ten years ago fell short of the mark.

Yesterday I was "reading" the latest issue of Time Out New York, which featured a cover story of Drew Barrymore and 83 other photographers, artists and personalities, shooting photographs of New York with a disposable camera.

I encountered a picture by the photographer who took the two pictures above. Imagine my surprise! So, I looked online and there are ten shots: NYC in pictures - They shoot New York - Heidi Marben, psychologist. I've been unable to find more of her photography online, but if you do, please let me know.

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