Friday, September 11, 2009

Eighth Anniversary

by Dick Mac

I was thinking about the World Trade Center last night.

I was at a parish council meeting, and local firefighters were setting-up for the 9/11 memorial to be held at 11:00 A.M. My parish was deeply affected by the collapse of the towers.

I thought about the firefighters who gave their lives tyring to save those trapped inside the building, and I wept.

I don't think I will ever get over that tragedy. The images will not go away.


AKA Ted Faigle said...

Master Teabagger Glenn Beck is apparently planning a 9/12 tea party in DC for Saturday. In a clip played on Rachel Maddow's show Beck gurgles through his Baby Huey throat about getting back to "how we all felt on that fateful day," blah blah blah - something about taking our country back, values, principles, crap...
Rachel brought in Melissa Harris-Lacewell who made the astute observation that "how we all felt" on 9/11 involved a rallying of support for the President, whether we liked him or not; whether we agreed with his politics or not. I would add: whether we were in our hearts raving lunatic racists or not, we got behind the guy in the Whitehouse then - a time of national crisis. Beck's own racist lunacy blinds him from recognizing the blatant irony of his exploiting the tragedy of 9/11 to cynically bash the current President and his agenda for the crisis in healthcare or anything else.

Chris Huff said...

My wife and I still believe we were the last people in the world to find out what happened on 9/11. We found out at 2 PM Pacific Time, 5 PM Eastern time - we were in Oregon, having driven from Vancouver the night before.

Was so strange to be so far away having spent my first 30 years of life in New York City. Christmas 1986, my freshman year in high school, we had Christmas dinner at Windows on the World - unforgettable. I ate too much pie and had paralyzing indigestion lol

For the next week after in 01, everybody kept saying "You're from NY! Are you ok?" when they saw our license plate.

Linda knew 2 of the firefighters distantly, friends from various temp jobs.

It has always made me sick and disgusted to watch Republicans wallow in 9/11 like somehow being pious about it shines a light on them as being more holy or some shit. I always want to say to them, "Fuck you, I grew up in New York. I walked under those towers all the time, sometimes daily. You have no idea."

And say a silent prayer for all those who lost their loved ones.